Tennis programs for adults on Hilton Head Island

The Sea Pines Resort hosts a variety of adult tennis instructional programs that are designed for players ages 17 and up and suited for novice players or those who are perfecting their competitive tournament skills.

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Weekend Workout

Saturday & Sunday | Ages 17+ | $52/day or $94/weekend

Intended for intermediate to advanced players, this instructional program is designed to strengthen strokes and tactics in your doubles game.


  1. Saturday: Instruction and drills on the vital strokes needed for good doubles; serve, return, volley, overhead, serve-and-volley, lobs and lob retrieval

  2. Sunday: Doubles strategy, including live ball drilling with an emphasis on court positioning, communication, shot selection and poaching


  1. Saturday and Sunday, 9-11am

  2. Student-to-Pro ratio 6:1 maximum

  3. Must be NTRP 3.0+, grouped to level

  4. Offered year round except RBC Heritage Week from April 9-15, 2018

Advanced adults 4.0+

Monday - Friday | Ages 17+ | $49/day or $225/week

The Advanced Adult Class combines advanced shot-making instruction with fast-paced drills.


  1. Monday: Consistency drills for groundstrokes, passing shots, put-away shots and groundstroke games

  2. Tuesday: Volley and overhead drills with emphasis on footwork; serve, serve-and-volley, and match play drills

  3. Wednesday: Shot selection and positioning for defensive, neutral and attacking situations in singles

  4. Thursday: Return practice; shot selection and positioning drills for doubles (Note: Not a strenuous workout)

  5. Friday: Best drills of the week


  1. Monday through Friday, 8-9:30am

  2. For players NTRP 4.0+

  3. Player-to-Pro ratio 4:1 maximum

  4. Offered year round except RBC Heritage Week from April 9-15, 2018

Stroke & Drills

Monday - Friday | Ages 15 + | $39/day or $175/week

This program is all about learning solid fundamentals. Each stroke is broken down into simple steps, including grip, footwork, preparation, contact and finish. Practice drills help players make the newly acquired skills their own.


  1. Monday: Volley

  2. Tuesday: Forehand

  3. Wednesday: Backhand

  4. Thursday: Serve, return of serve and serve-and-volley drills

  5. Friday: Overhead, lobs, angle volleys


  1. Monday through Friday, 9:30-11:00am

  2. For players up to the 3.5 level

  3. Student-to-Pro ratio 6:1 maximum

  4. Offered year round except RBC Heritage Week from April 9-15, 2018

Grand Slam Training Session

Monday-Friday | Ages 17+ | $62/day; $278/week

Fast paced drills for the advanced competitor

  1. Monday: Live ball match play drills emphasizing net play; point play

  2. Tuesday: Live ball groundstroke drills; point play

  3. Wednesday: Doubles drills and match play

  4. Thursday: Singles drills and match play

  5. Friday: Review of the week; match play


  1. Monday-Friday; 3-5 pm

  2. Advanced players NTRP 4.0+ only

  3. Player to pro ratio 4:1 maximum

  4. Offered year round except RBC Heritage Week from April 9-15, 2018

Sea Pines Round Robin

February 12 - April 3, 2018 & May 2 - November 21, 2018 | Ages 21+ | $19/person

The Round Robin is a partner-changing mixed-up doubles mini tournament. There is no need to enter with a partner, as partners rotate each round, making it a great way to meet other players. Take to the courts for a fun, social round robin. Lemonade is provided and prizes are awarded to the winners!

  1. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; 3-5pm; Social from 5-5:30pm

  2. NTRP 3.0 and up

Competitive Round Robin

February 13 - April 2 & May 3 - November 20, 2018 | Ages 21+ | $19/person

Enjoy intensive play designed for advanced players seeking competition, with a social following play.

  1. Tuesday and Thursday, 3-5pm; Social from 5-5:30pm

  2. NTRP 4.0 and up

Cardio Tennis

May 28-September 3, 2018 | Ages 17+ | $20/one session; $85/week

Cardio tennis is a fun fitness program designed to provide players of all skill levels with a high energy tennis workout, including a warm-up, cardio drills and a cool-down session. (Note: This program is not tennis instruction.)

Polar FT7 model heart rate monitors are available free of charge for the first class, and rent for $5 per subsequent session. Use of the monitors is optional. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of class to set up the monitor.


  1. Monday - Friday: 7-8am

  2. Minimum of 2 participants, maximum of 8

  3. 8:1 ratio

  4. At least 24 hours advanced reservation required

Tennis Boot Camp

May 11-13; September 28-30; October 26-28; November 9-11| Ages 17+ | $300/person

This program offers 10 hours of drills and instruction to get you into tournament shape. Includes strokes, strategy, mental game, fitness, drills, match play, equipment advice, injury prevention and much more.

Hours: Friday 3-5pm | Saturday 9am-12pm and 2-4pm | Sunday 9am-12pm

  1. For players NTRP 4.0+

  2. Player-to-Pro ratio 4:1 maximum


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