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The Sea Pines Forest Preserve is the largest tract of undeveloped land on Hilton Head Island, and has been cared for and protected since it was established by Sea Pines founder Charles Fraser.
Visitors can enjoy walking trails, bridle paths, wetland boardwalks, observation decks, bridges, fishing docks and lakes renowned for their birdlife and fisheries.
The Sea Pines Forest Preserve has been sculpted by changing sea levels over the past 15,000 years and traces of the first inhabitants still remain. The Indian Shell Ring is 4,000 years old and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Since the 1700s, the preserve was used to grow rice and indigo, as well as harvest timber.
- Old Lawton Rice Field lets you view
marshes and wildlife from a boardwalk. - Acres of native flora bloom in the
wildflower meadow by Lake Thomas. - The boardwalk through Vanishing Swamp explores a secluded forest where surface water rises and falls
through the seasons.
- Fish Island, the center of the Preserve,
offers prime views of the lakes for picnickers.
Thank you for respecting our rules and regulations while enjoying the Sea Pines Forest Preserve.
1. Hours: sunrise to sunset
2. Smoking or open fires are not permitted. 3. Feeding or harassing alligators is illegal. 4. Stay on trails and boardwalks at all times.
5. Fishing permits are required and can
be obtained for a small fee at the CSA Security Office on Greenwood Drive. Minnow bait is not allowed. The stocked fishing lakes in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve are reserved for resort guests, as well as Sea Pines property owners and their guests.
6. Bicycles are not permitted on the walking trails. Please park your bicycles at the locations provided.
7. The picnic area on Fish Island is equipped with a shelter, picnic tables, grills, drinking water and portable toilets. Permits for group outings must be obtained by contacting the CSA office at (843) 671-1343.
8. Swimming is not permitted in the Preserve.

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