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Bicyclists, joggers, walkers and rollerbladers share Sea Pines’ leisure paths. To ensure that everyone enjoys our paths, here are a few helpful tips:
• Stay in a single file on the right side of the path.
• Use of the roadway, where a bike path exists, is prohibited by bicyclists, joggers, walkers & rollerbladers.
• Be aware of motor vehicles. They are not required to stop for bicyclists.
• Be considerate of pedestrians and warn them of your approach from at least 50 feet away.
• Safety equipment, such as helmets and horns, is recommended for bicyclists. Helmets and kneepads are recommended for rollerbladers.
• Obey all state and local traffic laws, including the use of hand signals and observance of traffic signs.
• Guests who leave Sea Pines must obtain a pass code posted at the gate exits to gain re-admittance to the paths.
• Please refrain from using the golf cart paths.
• Racing or high-speed operation of bikes or rollerblades is prohibited.
• Night biking is dangerous and not recommended in Sea Pines. • If you must bike at night, bike lights are mandatory.
• Feeding or harassing alligators is dangerous and illegal.

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