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Vehicles in South Carolina have the right of way over pedestrians and bikers planning to cross the road, unless the pedestrian or biker is already within the crosswalk. For your safety and the safety of motorists, please do not expect or encourage vehicles to stop if you are planning to cross the road, as this can cause rear-end collisions. Proceed with caution before entering the roadways.
SEA PINES SECURITY: (843) 671-7170
We can all do our part to keep Sea Pines beautiful by following these rules and regulations:
1. Please keep beach towels and beach items,
such as coolers, toys, boogie boards, etc., out of sight of adjoining properties, golf courses and roadways. Likewise, bikes should be kept off of lawns or driveways, if possible.
2. Please extinguish any external lights when they are not needed. This is especially important for oceanside properties, where external lights can disrupt the nesting of Loggerhead sea turtles. Take special care to keep lights off of the beach from May- October.
3. Trash cans and recycling bins should be kept in service yards and should not be rolled to the street.
4. Parking is not permitted on primary streets, yards, or on any road or beach lot overnight. When parking, please take care not to impede emergency vehicles, driveways, or access to leisure trails.
5. To keep noise to a minimum, motorcycles and motorized scooters are not permitted within Sea Pines.
6. Please keep all pets on a leash, except when permitted on the beach (for more details on when pets are allowed on the beach, visit Please clean up after your pets and dispose of waste properly.
7. Please do not feed wildlife. When alligators are fed, they often have to be put down by wildlife management due to the danger they can pose.
8. Please be courteous and observe neighborliness in noise levels of people and pets. Excessive noise and fireworks are likely to be reported to Sea Pines Security.
9. Guest passes must be displayed prominently in your vehicle while you are in Sea Pines.
10. Texting and the use of hand held phones while driving is not allowed in Sea Pines.

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