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To ensure the comfort and safety of you and your guests, outdoor functions will automatically be moved inside if the weather report four hours prior to the start of the function predicts a 40% or greater chance of rain or the predicted temperature is at an uncomfortable level. If the decision must be delayed or changed and it necessitates the resort to set both indoor and outdoor function space, an additional charge of $15.00 per guest plus service charge will be assessed. Outdoor entertainment must conclude by 10pm due to local ordinances.
Timing of Events
In order to provide the finest service to your group, it is important that The Sea Pines Resort be made aware of any function time changes to your event. It is our standard that all functions will be set 15 minutes prior to their stated start time.
The following standards are provided to assist you in scheduling and pricing your catered functions.
• All continental breakfasts are serviced for 1 hour;
refreshed and replenished as necessary during
this time.
• All breakfast, lunch & dinner buffets are serviced
for 1.5 hours; refreshed and replenished as
necessary during this time.
• All specialty breaks are serviced for one-half hour,
items for the additional guests if the same product and ingredients are not available. If no
guarantee is given, the expected attendance on the banquet event order will become your minimum guarantee.
Security of Event Rooms
The Sea Pines Resort will not be responsible for any missing items either before, during or after
a function. Private security may be arranged at additional charge for all materials or articles set up prior to the function or left unattended at any time.
Exhibit/Room Set-up Charges
There is a $100 per day per skirted exhibit table (pipe and drape available at an additional charge) in addition to room rental and/or setup fees. $75 per hour labor charges will apply to functions that require elaborate set-ups or significant changes to rooms that have been set per specifications on Banquet Event Orders.
Additional help is available when you need assistance with loading/unloading and/or moving boxes from one location to another at $75
per hour. To ensure adequate assistance, please provide 7 days' notice in order to schedule properly.
Engineering, Telephone and
Special engineering, internet and phone requirements must be arranged at least 14 days in advance with The Sea Pines Resort. Charges
will be billed to the client for such requirements. In addition, the resort has a full service audio-visual company, Presentation Services Audio Visual (PSAV), to fulfill all A/V requirements. Groups that choose to bring their own A/V equipment and wish to patch it into the house sound system will be required to use PSAV technical services for this service and charged accordingly.
refreshed and replenished as necessary during
this time.
• A service charge will apply for all functions starting
prior to 7:00am or ending past 1:00am.
A final guarantee for the exact number of guests attending a function is due by 1:00pm 72 business hours prior to the event. This is the minimum number for which you will be billed, unless the actual number of guests in attendance is greater. The Sea Pines Resort will prepare and set for 5% over the guaranteed number at no additional charge. If the guarantee is increased after this time, The Sea Pines Resort will reserve the right to substitute similar

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