Dynamic Hilton Head Team Building Activities

Located on 5,000 oceanfront acres, The Sea Pines Resort is a wondrous place perfect for Hilton Head team building activities. Our five miles of beach are perfect for everything from group Olympics to beach volleyball. Our innovative ropes course is designed to give your attendees the chance to see how their team communicates and uses each other’s unique talents. Your group will also love our exciting range of water games and construction projects. Read below for our full array of Hilton Head teambuilding exercises. Ropes Course
  • TP Shuffle - A 10 to 15-foot log lies on the ground. The group is split into two smaller groups on opposite sides of the log. The goal is to get each group to the other side of the log without falling off.
  • Trust Fall - Each team member has the opportunity to fall backwards off a 4-foot-high platform into the arms of the other teammates.
  • Broken Bridge - Requires group members to transfer themselves across a large open space through a series of islands marked by platforms - by using only two hands.
  • Arachnophobia - The group must work themselves through a spider's web without touching any part of the web. Once a participant has used a hole in the web, it can no longer be used.
  • The Wall - The objective is to safely get your entire team up and over a 14-foot wall. It is a powerful metaphor for achieving team objectives and is typically used as the finale of a memorable day of team building.
  • Liquid Assets - The team is charged with getting "the company's assets and human resources" through the rest of the "fiscal year" by crossing three cables strung between trees using three ropes.
  • Porthole - The group chooses a captain. The "Ship" is sinking and because of an explosion all the crew is blinded. They will not regain eyesight until they are safely in the lifeboat (on the ground after going through the porthole).
  • Maze - The challenge is to get your team through a rope maze while blindfolded. Each team member will have an opportunity to lead the team.
  • Nitro Crossing - Your team must cross the "gorge" using a hanging rope as well as get an important container of supplies to the other side.
  • Corporate Pasture - The group must maneuver through the "pasture" using planks and fixed cinder blocks without touching the ground.
  • Trolley's - The group must cross a lava field with a volcanic tidal wave only minutes away - using "asbestos beams" to cross.
Water-Based Activities
  • Kayaking - One and two-person kayaks are grouped into teams to accomplish specific objectives or "tasks" while paddling through the unique Lowcountry ecosystem. Teams must resolve certain "resource conflicts" that arise from time to time. Debriefing, in keeping with the team's learning goals or needs, occurs at certain rest stops along the course.
  • Water Races - Each team will have one hour to construct a boat from various materials, which must be able to transport 2 or 3 people and accomplish certain objectives.
Construction Activities
  • Egg Launcher - Each team is responsible for creating a launcher that will successfully launch an egg without breaking it. Additionally, each team must create and present a marketing plan, slogan, and commercial for its launcher.
Team Games
  • Construction Zone - Some group members, using verbal clues and cues, will assist other members (the construction workers), who will be wearing blindfolds, to assemble a large puzzle.
  • Island Escape - Group members must transport themselves across a large open space (the lake) through a series of islands marked by tires. Part of the uniqueness of this challenge is that the group must leave the designated equipment at each island when the last person leaves.
  • Toxic Waste Transfer - Requires the group to transport objects across an open space without directly touching the objects or their container. The group will manipulate a bucket filled with small objects using ropes attached to the bucket.
  • Plunger Ball - This requires a group to build a conveyor system in order to transfer balls from a designated area through a hoop into a container.
  • The Model - A model is constructed and displayed in one room. Each team must reconstruct the model as closely as possible in another room. Each team member is assigned a distinct role.
Beach Olympics

Various contests, events, races, and relays are staged in an "Olympics" format. Various formats and options are available.

Intellectual Olympics

Teams can compete in a wide range of problem-solving events of a non-physical nature. Challenges involving competing quizzes based on company, industry, or product knowledge; solving lateral thinking problems, puzzles, and riddles; and ferreting out information about team members or featured items can be woven together into a fun, stimulating session.

Scavenger Hunts
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt - The group is challenged with an assortment of clues leading to objects that need to be found within Sea Pines. Bicycles are used for transportation. Once the answer to a clue is located, a picture is taken as proof. Pictures are developed within a day, and prizes can be awarded to the individual or team with the most answers.
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt - Spend some time with Mother Nature. We can provide scavenger hunts along our five miles of coastline or in our 605-acre Forest Preserve. We will divide your group into teams and provide them with clue sheets.

Participants receive a map of an area showing a series of sites to visit. Participants develop strategies to navigate from one site to another in the most efficient manner. Events can be designed in which participants prove their arrival by doing a special activity, solving a problem, answering a question, or retrieving an object. Orienteering programs can be done indoors or outdoors.

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