Junior Tennis Instructional Programs

Youth Tennis Programs on Hilton Head Island

The Sea Pines Resort's top-rated junior programs offer expert instruction to younger players with a special focus on fair play and the development of skills to last a lifetime.

March 13 - April 7, 2023; April 17 - 28, 2023; May 29 - September 1, 2023

These tennis programs offer a wonderful introduction to tennis, focusing on hand-eye coordination, basic stroke skills and the essentials of the game.

Browse children's tennis programs and events below:

Little Tennis

Monday - Friday | Ages 4 - 8 | $17/day or $75/week

Our Little Tennis program is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the game. The focus is on developing hand-eye coordination, basic stroke skills, footwork, fair play and so on. Our patient pros do their best to make the first impression of the sport a most positive one!


  1. Monday: Forehand

  2. Tuesday: Backhand

  3. Wednesday: Serve

  4. Thursday: Volley

  5. Friday: Combination drills


  1. Tiny Tots (4 to 6 years of age) - Monday through Friday, 8:30-9am; $17 per day/$75 per week

  2. Big Shots (7 to 8 years of age) - Monday through Friday, 8:00-8:30am; $17 per day/$75 per week

Browse junior instructional programs and events below:

Junior Orange Ball

Monday - Friday | Ages 9-10 | $28/day or $125/week

This program is designed for an orange ball tournament level junior competitor. Focus of this program will include technique development as well as point play and games.

Schedule - Monday - Friday; 9-10am

  1. Monday: Groundstrokes and Rallying

  2. Tuesday: Net Play, Serves and Returns

  3. Wednesday: Single Drills and Games

  4. Thursday: Double Drills and Games

  5. Friday: Review and Match Play

Junior Tennis 101

Monday - Friday | Ages 9-15 | $28/day or $125/week

The Junior Beginner Clinic is about learning solid fundamentals. Each stroke is broken down into easy-to-understand steps for fast success. Drills emphasize the newly acquired skills, and games add to the excitement. Balls used are Orange and Green.

Schedule - Monday - Friday; 10-11am

  1. Monday: Groundstrokes

  2. Tuesday: Volleys and Overheads

  3. Wednesday: Serve and Return

  4. Thursday: Stroke Review and Rally

  5. Friday: Point Play

Intermediate Juniors

Monday - Friday | Ages 11-16 | $44/day or $200/week

Designed for intermediate to high-school level players, this program focuses on learning the tools necessary to achieve a more advanced level of play, including spins, footwork, strategies and tactics. Each day features a different topic designed to elevate students to the next level.

Schedule - Monday - Friday; 9:30-11am

  1. Monday: Ground strokes

  2. Tuesday: Net play and serve

  3. Wednesday: Drills to improve singles play

  4. Thursday: Doubles drills and play

  5. Friday: Review of the week

Advanced Juniors at the Smith-Stearns Tennis Academy

Stan Smith partnered with internationally recognized professional and junior coach Billy Stearns to create a tennis academy designed for individual junior player development.

The goal of this visionary institution is to create an environment that is conducive to helping dedicated young players reach their ultimate potential, both on and off the court. Learn more about the Academy.


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